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A guide to over 1050 wildflowers, shrubs, and vines of Oregon. Partner: Oregon Flora Project, Botany & Plant Pathology Department at Oregon State University. ($9.99)

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The Oregon Flora Project ( at Oregon State University and High Country Apps have partnered to produce the new Oregon Wildflowers plant identification app for mobile devices. The app provides images, species descriptions, range maps, bloom period, and technical descriptions for more than 940 common wildflowers, shrubs, and vines found in Oregon and adjacent areas of Washington, Idaho, and northern California. The majority of species included are native, but introduced species common to the region are covered as well. The app does not need an Internet connection to run, so you can use it no matter how remote your wanderings take you.

Press Reviews

Oregon State University OregonFlora project -- "With a small staff and a large network of volunteers, OregonFlora has created a repository of information about plants across Oregon. The project manages and a wildflowers app, has produced two Flora of Oregon print volumes and is finalizing production on a third volume." read more...

The Oregonian, Mark Graves, May 1, 2022

Oregon Flora launches revamped plant species website -- "OregonFlora, an Oregon State University-based organization devoted to the state’s plants, has launched a revamped website that makes its database of over 4,700 plant species that grow in the wild in Oregon more broadly accessible. Oregon Flora also created the Oregon wildflowers app, which can help identify more than 1,050 common wildflowers, shrubs, and vines found in Oregon and adjacent areas of Washington, Idaho and northern California." read more...

KTZV, November24, 2020

Eagle eyes spot snow queen; when to mulch and prune roses: Ask an Expert read more...

The Oregonion, Anna Ashby -OSU Extension Master Gardener, March 9, 2018

Oregon Wildflower App Available -- "The Oregon Flora Project ( in partnership with the Botany & Plant Pathology Department at Oregon State University and High Country Apps have partnered to produce the new Oregon Wildflowers plant identification app for mobile devices." read more...

West Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District

Our Floral Commons - Scientists and amateur botanists join forces in the Oregon Flora Project -- "Linda Hardison and her colleagues continued to turn the project into a comprehensive resource for the general public. In addition to ongoing development of the herbarium, they have produced an interactive web site, a book, and a popular wildflower app [Oregon Wildflowers]." read more...

Oregon Stater, Winter, 2017, OSU Alumni Association

Great Oregon gardening app points out native plants -- "If you want to learn which plants are native to the Willamette Valley, I suggest you get the Oregon Wildflowers app." read more...

Salem Statesman Journal, June 8, 2016, by Carol Savonen

Siskyou Upland Trails Association -- "On your next hike, you can lookup the beautiful wildflowers that you discover. Here’s a great cell phone app that downloads a library of over 1050 wildflowers, shrubs, and vines in Oregon. " read more...

Siskyou Upland Trails Association, March 7, 2016

Oregon wildflower identification at your fingertips -- "Do you know the difference between a purple-eyed grasswidow and a clasping Venus’ looking glass? I download the Oregon Wildflowers app to find images, descriptions and range maps for these two beauties, as well as for nearly 1,000 additional wildflowers, shrubs and vines common in Oregon." read more...

Oregon State Parks, Your Parks Go Guide, May 8, 2015, by Beth Wilson

Blooms in full beauty: Take your pick from bouquet of sites, events and make the most of wildflowers’ charms -- "It’s early May and we’re half way through Wildflower Month in the Willamette Valley (officially April 17 through May 17), but fear not, there are blooms aplenty, real and rendered, if you know where to look." read more...

Eugene Register-Guard, by Shirley West, May 2, 2015

"Columbia gorge: Find peak wildflower blooms with these guides" read more...

Oregonian, by Terry Richard, March 22, 2015

"All the pretty flowers: Oregon app puts petals to the mettle. Have you ever been on an outdoor excursion in Oregon and wanted to know the name of the wildflowers around you? There's now an app for that thanks to a team of botanists at the Oregon Flora Project at Oregon State University." watch here...

KVAL News - Eugene, May 9, 2014

"Flower ID at your fingertips - An Oregon State University project blooms into an app to help identify thousands of Oregon wildflowers" read more...

Eugene Register-Guard, May 5, 2014

"Oregon wildflower app for smartphones"

OSU Tree Topics, April 29, 2014

"OSU develops flower-identifying app"

Portland Tribune, April 28, 2014

"Mobile App for Oregon Wildflower ID just released..."

Oregon Hikers, April 25, 2014

"Information about the Pacific Northwest's wide array of wildflowers is just a swipe away..." read more...

Prairie Star, April 25, 2014

"Wildflowers nearing peak at east end of Columbia River Gorge; here's how to find them" read more...

Oregonian, by Terry Richard, April 24, 2014

"OSU app brings wildflower identification to your fingertips"

Oregon State University Extension Service, April 23, 2014

User Reviews

"Best flower identification app ever!" *****
"Every Oregonian who enjoys wildflowers should get this app. You can Id flowers by characteristics, create a lifetime list, and more. It's resident on your phone so you don't need wireless signal to use it. And this is science, folks, not some funky free thing that is worth what you paid for it (0)."
by ALSOregon, Oregon Wildflowers (Android), March 8, 2015

"Best App for Plant ID in Oregon!" *****
"I love this app and reference it all the time. No need for cell phone service which is great while out in the field and the range maps are fantastic. Highly recommended!!"
by Botanical bill, Oregon Wildflowers (Android), October 5, 2014

"Thank you for a great app!" *****
"It's like someone read my mind and made an app I had hoped for. Only better than I imagined. Photos are beautiful, and more importantly, useful. Thank you for enhancing my walks in Oregon."
by Shelsvo - Oregon Wildflowers (iOS)

"Thanks, Oregon State!" *****
"I have been using bird identification apps for a long time, and have been looking for a wildflower guide for Oregon with no luck. This is perfect. It's easy to search using different criteria, and it's fun to just browse and read the descriptions."
by Sperlia - Oregon Wildflowers (iOS)

"Great Tool for identifying Plants in the wild." *****
"I typed in my location and a couple of plant characters like flower color and leaf shape and my search was narrowed from nearly a thousand plants to just a few. Scrolled through the few that were left and voila! I found my plant. The photos are stunning. A handy feature is tapping on plant family description brings up all the plants in that family. Can't wait for the next app from the Oregon Flora Project."
by Troy Maddox - Oregon Wildflowers (Android), April 25, 2014

"Perfect for quick plant ID" *****
"This app is great. I found it easy to use and a great way to identify the plants you're most likely to see while out hiking in Oregon!"
by Kevin Weitemier - Oregon Wildflowers (Android), April 25, 2014

"Quick, easy, thorough, and gorgeous." *****
"A wealth of knowledge in your pocket! Customizable decision-tree allows you to narrow possibilities even if you lack characteristics or are uncertain. Fantastic for beginning botanists like myself. Gorgeous macro photos with black backgrounds and multiple angles for easy differentiation of features (Gerald D. Carr is prolific!). A wealth of knowledge in your pocket!"
by Daniel Mick, Oregon Wildflowers (Android), April 24, 2014

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