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A guide to over 450 wildflowers, grasses, shrubs, and trees of the Yellowstone region. Author: Whitney Tilt. In partnership with Yellowstone Forever. ($7.99)

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Flora of the Yellowstone Region presents over 450 wildflowers, grasses, shrubs and trees readily found in Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding national forests of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, and beyond. Designed for expert and beginner alike, this guide presents each species in a clear, informative format that provides photos and illustrations of the plant, an easily understood description, distinctive field marks, preferred habitats, and tidbits on the plant's ecology and cultural use. An innovative, easy-to-use key allows the user to select flower color, leaf type, and other characteristics to quickly identify unknown plants. You are on a hike, look down and see a flower with yellow petals and opposite leaves but don't know its name. It could be tall and thorny, sticky with black berries, sweet-smelling with square stems. Just select what you do know on the app and all plants matching your description will be shown. Since the app and its data are stored directly on the mobile device, it can be used with or without a data connection.

Press Reviews

Use High Country Apps to identify Montana native plants So you’re out there on the trail, and you spot a native plant you’re crazy about but can’t remember its name. Presto magic. Launch a native plant app. It never forgets. read more...

Center for Native Plants, Whitefish, Montana

Flora of Yellowstone -- "As an amateur botanist who bores my husband with plant names wherever we go..." read more...

Outside Bozeman, Spring 2016, by Debbie Drews

"We selected three reviewers to explore the app and report back to us, one interpretive ranger, one resource specialist, and one guide from a partner organization. Reviewers found that the app was easy to use and deemed it appropriate for professional guides as well as novice nature enthusiasts. They liked the search key which allows the user to select flower color, leaf type, and other characteristics to quickly identify unknown plants." read more...

Yellowstone Science, Fall 2012, Volume 20, Issue 2

"Wondering what that beautiful rose-pink flower is that's blooming close to the ground? There's an app for that, thanks to the collaboration of Bozeman residents Katie Gibson and Whitney Tilt, who formed a new business a year ago called High Country Apps." read more...

Billings Gazette, June 24, 2012, by Brett French

"Bozeman company High Country Apps has developed a wonderful new app, Flora of the Yellowstone Region. Having had a chance to play with a beta version of this app here at the IoE, we give it a big thumbs up! Developed using an innovative and easy to use interface, this app will help you identify flowers on the trail and a lot more."

Montana Institute on Ecosystems, A Montana University System Science Consortium, Bozeman, MT

User Reviews

"Easy to use." *****
"Easy to use. Highly recommend this app."
by Kathleen - Flora of Yellowstone (iPhone), Version 1.2 May 23, 2012

"An invaluable guide to identifying Yellowstone flora" *****
"My wife and I have just returned from our fourth trip to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. While in Yellowstone, we were impressed with the search and identify functions, but some of the flowers we saw weren't included in the free version, so I downloaded the paid app. It's simple enough to look up a plant that you're interested in, and if you still have problems using the app, there's a helpful "How to use" section that explains things. The color photography of the different plants is very good, which really helps with identification of plants."
by J Chambers, Flora of Yellowstone (Kindle Fire), May 20, 2013

"Very much needed app." *****
"I have been waiting for something like this for a long time. I am an avid hiker in the Yellowstone area and always enjoy identifying the flora I come across. I have it on my iPad now and will have to get an iPhone so I can carry a smaller device. Either will be easier to access than a book. In browsing through tis app I have found very informative photos and useful descriptions. I look forward to getting on the trail and making full use of this app. "
by Sylvie - Flora of Yellowstone (iPad), Version 1.2 June 1, 2012

"Easy to use, accurate" *****
"Beautiful application, easy to use, very nice HD pictures and in depth description of plant species. Just tap on the search by characteristics tab and discover the plant you are attempting to ID. I did not even need to know what family a flower, tree or shrub is in to discover what it is. Looking forward to seeing the future releases of flora in Colorado and Utah. "
by anonymous - Flora of Yellowstone (iPad), Version 1.0 May 1, 2012

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