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Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for all of your feedback over the last few years. Input from users helps to make our apps the most useful, educational tools possible. We welcome your comments, critiques, corrections, and suggestions for new features. Following is a list of frequently asked questions in hopes that this list will clear up any issue you have.

How do I purchase an app using an Apple Business Manager's account? (for example, the US Department of Interior and other agencies may use this type of account to purchase apps for employees)
The way to purchase an app with an Apple Business Manager's account is described on Apple's site here: The basics are:
1. Sign in as a user that has the role of Administrator or Content Manager
2. Search for the app of interest.
3. Select the app.
4. Select Redemption Codes from the License Type pop-up menu, enter a quantity, then select Buy.
5. Distribute Redemption Codes to team members.

How can I buy an app as a gift for someone on iOS?
The way to gift an app is described on Apple's website here: The basics are:
1. On your iPhone open the App Store app and search for the app.
2. Tap the item that you want to give.
3. Tap the Share button, then the Gift App button and follow the instructions.
4. After the gift is sent, the recipient gets an email. When they open the email and click Redeem, the app is downloaded.

How can I buy an app as a gift for someone on Android?
There isn't a way to directly gift an app through the Google Play Store, but you can send someone a Google Play gift card to cover the cost, available at many retailers or online. Here is one option for purchasing a gift card to email to someone:

Can I purchase an app at a discount for my school or classroom?

Yes, iOS apps are sold at a 50% discount for educational institutions purchasing quantities of 20 or more. Schools can use their Apple School Manager account to purchase app as described on Apple website here:

I don't have all of the images and range maps in my app. How can I fix this issue? (Android)
It sounds like the app is not fully installed. We recommend uninstalling and then re-installing while connected to a high speed wifi connection. Google will remember that you've already purchased the app and won't charge you again. There's a large expansion file (~60-200MB depending on the app) that needs to download onto your device in order to see all of the images. Once it's fully installed from Google Play, you won't be prompted to download images.

I bought this app for Android and now I have switched to iOS (or vice versa). Does my purchase transfer?
Sorry, no. The purchase or app license doesn't transfer between vendors (Apple, Google, and Amazon).

The species I'm looking for is not in the app. Can you add it? 
Please send us a photo or description via the Contact page and location so that we can consider adding it in an update.

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